Entertainment Ki Raat: This is why Bigg Boss 11 runner-up Hina Khan won’t be a part of the show

The rivalry between Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde and first runner-up Hina Khan is out in the open now. Both of them are avoiding each other. In fact, in one of her interviews, Shilpa Shinde said that she wouldn’t like to meet Hina again in her life.

The two were expected to meet on Colors TV’s comedy show Entertainment Ki Raat. Other Bigg Boss contestants like Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Puneesh Sharma were also supposed to be a part of the show.

While the others have shot for the episode, Hina Khan decided to stay away from it. In a conversation with the Times Of India, Hina Khan revealed the reason behind it. She said, “I am not aware of this at all. I have got to know it from you.”

She further said, “I don’t understand what is this all about. In fact, I was told about the shoot after BB finale, on the set itself. I had clearly informed that I would want to spend some time with my family whom I had met after so long.”

Hina also cited her mother’s illness as the reason behind her absence. She said, “My mother is unwell. She was overwhelmed seeing me after so long and inconsolable to an extent that she fell ill.”

Whatever be the reason, her absence means that the Bigg Boss fans will miss another opportunity of seeing them together.

Entertainment Ki Raat airs at 10 PM on Saturday and Sunday.