These Jeans Clean Your Phone Every Time You Put It in Your Pocket

"This is not just a piece of apparel; this jean is a utility,"—a denim description you definitely don't hear every day, which is why when we caught wind of what we are calling "smart jeans," we had to do a deeper dive. The beloved denim brand 3x1 teamed up with Joe Doucet, an award-winning and internationally renowned industrial designer, to design a pair of jeans for the 21st century. Brace yourself—the features of these jeans are truly mind-blowing.

The brand tells us that the 3x1 | Joe Doucet jeans employ "simple yet impactful finishes: microfiber pockets to clean and protect one's devices, a slightly larger coin pocket to accommodate credit cards lined with RFID-blocking fabric, and a 3M singular reflective black eight-inch strip that runs down the center back leg for extreme reflection while commuting in low light. Crafted in a 12-ounce stretch selvage denim from Kurabo (Japan), the jean is not only beautiful but also extremely comfortable." So let's get this straight—these jeans clean your phone every time you put it in your pocket, protect your identity from being stolen, and can basically help save your life? I don't know about you, but smart jeans are the denim trend I'm looking forward to in the coming years. Go on to learn more about this new denim launch and to shop the innovative jeans for yourself.

"Microfiber: The unofficial home for your pocket-size devices, the front pockets have been slightly reshaped and lined with a microfiber fabric for a fresh clean upon removal for your device."

"RFID Blocking: The 'coin pocket' or watch pocket is no longer rendered obsolete; by slightly increasing the size of this all-but-forgotten pocket, it will now hold your credit card along with your various other cards. Lined with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)–blocking fabric, this pocket detail protects you and your information."

"3M Reflective Stripe: Upon cuffing, a singular reflective black eight-inch strip runs down the center of your jeans' back legs for extreme reflection while commuting in low light."

"XX70: This raw 12-ounce stretch selvage denim from Kurabo (Japan) will wear in beautifully over time, molding to the body and whiskering and fading uniquely per the wearer. Each moment lived in throughout the day will contribute to the jeans' stretch and indigo fade."

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