Fashion tech: Clothes will reflect your feelings soon

Can you imagine a piece of clothing that beams your racing heartbeat as you meet a crush? If a Dutch designer has her way, your clothes will literally do the talking in social interactions. Anouk Wipprecht has a vision for a world in which people stop telling themselves little lies about their emotions and she believes high-tech fashion is the key.

Her creations, which combine digital technology with haute couture, play with social norms and aim to engineer a cold-turkey solution to our dearest deceptions, she said on the sidelines of Milan Fashion Week. One of the 32-year-old's most deviously disruptive designs is a piece she is developing with crystal-maker Swarovski that uses built-in sensors to blink in time with the wearer's heartbeat.

It sounds simple, and maybe even poetic to put one's vital force on display, but it also is incredibly revealing.

Imagine wearing the thing while talking to a special someone you'd like to be more than just friends with or how about a job interview? They'll be able to see that your heart is pounding with fear or excitement.

"It's sort of almost like you are having goosebumps, you cannot control it or you start to be red in your face. So in a really pure sense, you are able to broadcast your emotions," she said.

"If you are wearing your heartbeat on your sleeve it is a really pure thing. It also gets you in a lot of really awkward situations that for me are super interesting," Wipprecht added.