Nothing compares to Delhi food, says American singer Christine Storm

They say, music brings cultures together. And American singer Christine Storm, who was in Delhi recently, agrees. “Music is the best way to break cultural barriers. I’ve been to India thrice, and I think that Indian music has changed the sound of my music for sure. It was after visiting the place for the first time that I wrote my swan song for peace — Nobody Came,” she says. “It is inspired by the friendliness and peace-loving nature of the Indian people.

Storm, who has a solo album to her name, has also been a performer on stage. She shares that she can modulate her voice in varied ways.

“I am, what they call, a parrot. It’s like playing your vocal chords like a guitar. Voices tend to land in a place, whether it’s near your forehead, nose, or in your throat. If you find out where a person’s voice lands, you can impersonate them,” she explains. And it isn’t easy or even rewarding sometimes. “If you didn’t sound exactly like the band you were impersonating then people just walked off.”

The musician has now turned her attention to fashion design, with couture-inspired golf garb. “I was golfing one day and there was this lovely lady who looked frumpy in traditional golf clothes. I looked at her and thought she should be able to play golf and look and feel beautiful at the same time,” she shares. And to source materials for her new line, the singer has made her way to the city of Djinns. “Sourcing for materials here, I’ve felt like a child in a candy shop. I kept pulling fabric off the shelves left and right, and if I could have, I would have spent my life savings there. I haven’t seen anything like it in the States!” Fabrics are not the only thing about Delhi that she’s fond of. “I love the vegetable pakodas here! Nothing compares to Delhi food. It took me a while initially to get used to the flavour of the food but now we’re constantly looking for true Indian food home,” she finishes.